Spring Cleaning Minimum Requirements, Can I Run Spring Cleaning on PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Check the minimum requirements of Spring Cleaning here to know if you can run Spring Cleaning on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. This will help check of your nVIDIA or ATI graphics and Intel CPU can run Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Minimum Requirements

To to see the minimum requirements, click below:

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Minimum System Requirements for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning. That wonderful time of year where people go through their closets to make space, and in doing so discover forgotten gems lost to the bottom of plastic storage totes. But why should the joy of rediscovering a kitschy t-shirt, or a well-hidden holiday gift, be limited to cleaning our homes? With so many wonderful games out there it’s easy to have a backlog of titles that you always intended to go play, but for whatever reason never got around to… and the Steam Spring Cleaning Event is the time to change that. By diving into your Steam Library and playing games that you haven’t looked at in a while (or at all), you can unlock and level up the new Spring Cleaning badge. But this event isn’t just for those with a hefty backlog of titles to work through… as we said earlier, Spring Cleaning is a time of delightful surprises and so in that spirit the following games will be available to play FREE for the duration of the event (May 24th -May 28th)

Don’t Starve Together
Dead by Daylight
Cities: Skylines
Borderlands 2
Castle Crashers
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Left 4 Dead 2
Dirt 4

It’s a great time for games, so enjoy the weekend exploring Steam and finding a new classic to add to your all-time favorite list.

We hope you learned all about the minimum requirements needed to play Spring Cleaning on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. If you know of other ways to check system requirements of Spring Cleaning, let us know below.

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